Perspectives on Enterprise AI – Episode Two: Data Rivers, Lakes and Oceans

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Welcome to the second episode of our “Perspectives on Enterprise AI” series, presented by ExperienceFlow.AI. In this episode, titled “Data Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans,” Brent Haley is joined by Atul Bhatnagar, CEO of ExperienceFlow.AI. They discuss the critical role of data in the AI-driven future, from managing data silos to leveraging expansive data lakes and oceans.

Learn about the importance of aligning your data strategy with your business goals, the challenges of data privacy, and the emerging trends in data management. Whether you’re just starting on your AI journey or looking to refine your strategy, this episode offers valuable guidance.

Special Guest:

Atul Bhatnagar, CEO of ExperienceFlow.AI


Brent Haley, Marketing Advisor, AI & Automation


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