Perspectives on Enterprise AI – Episode One: Defining AI

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Welcome to the ExperienceFlow’s video series, “Perspectives on Enterprise AI.” Join us on this thought leadership journey where we explore agentic AI enterprise solutions with leading experts in the field. In this premiere episode, host Brent sits down with Atul Bhatnagar, CEO of ExperienceFlow, to discuss the definition of AI and its transformative impact on enterprises.

Key Topics Covered:

– The evolution and deployment of AI in enterprises
– Differentiating Gen AI from Enterprise AI
– The unique approach of ExperienceFlow’s Enterprise Digital Nervous System (EDNS)
– Real-world applications and benefits of AI in various industries
– The importance of tailored AI solutions and data privacy

What You’ll Learn:

– How AI can enhance decision-making and optimize business processes
– The significance of a dynamic and adaptive AI model for enterprises
– Practical insights on implementing AI tools for improved business outcomes

Special Guest:
Atul Bhatnagar, CEO of ExperienceFlow

Brent Haley, Marketing Advisor, AI & Automation


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