Pioneering an autonomous enterprise AI solution with intelligent AI agents.

What We Do

We offer an outcome centric enterprise solution that senses, simulates and acts using multi-agent reinforcement learning to augment humans and deliver quantum leaps in business results, safely and reliably.

How We Do It

Create your Enterprise Digital Nervous System (EDNS) to provide optimal decisions and actions to deliver KPI-based business outcomes, safely and reliably, in a stochastic environment 

Our generalized graph neural network (GNN) models give us the malleability to swiftly adapt our solution across multiple industries and functions. The multi-agent reinforcement learning architecture identifies the winning paths for each enterprise role, to ensure KPI-based optimal outcomes even in a highly dynamic business environment. We clearly show how we arrived at each conclusion while ensuring accuracy and safety without any hallucinations, unlike other AI solutions. Customer data privacy is maintained at all times.

  • Map each enterprise decision-making role and associated KPIs
  • Use our pre-configured use case templates or tailor your own
  • Seamlessly weave your data sources and application stack into our solution
  • Adapt EDNS to your decision-making process while its intelligent AI agents learn continuously

Some of Our Key Application Areas

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Our Partners

We partner with a carefully selected group of solution and industry experts across the globe. From consulting firms to service integrators, business service providers, and technology platforms, our partners complement our value and capabilities. Together, we help customers achieve quantum leaps in their business outcomes.

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