Proven Technology Leader Joins Enterprise Artificial General Intelligence Start-up ExperienceFlow.AI as CEO

We Are ExperienceFlow

The Autonomous Enterprise Technology

Artificial General Intelligence that deeply connects your entire enterprise.
Rapidly adapts to your business, orchestrates and simulates every decision-making role,
makes real-time recommendations, and takes actions to deliver quantum leaps in outcomes.

What We Do

Orchestrate and augment decision-making through AI Agents

How We Do It

Create your Enterprise Digital Nervous System

  • Map each enterprise decision-making role and associated KPIs
  • Use best practice based pre-configured templates or tailor your own
  • Seamlessly weave into your data sources and application stack
  • Rapidly learn your decision making process
  • Provide real-time recommendations and take outcome influencing actions


Some of the key industries we cater to


Helping some of the top healthcare enterprises to autonomously drive optimal sequence of decisions that can handle dynamic shifts in patient demand and supply chain. COOs are able to drive proactive decisions-actions across the patient/member journeys before there is an impact.


Enabling large billion-dollar manufacturing enterprises to reimagine and automate optimization, from end-to-end. CEOs can significantly improve velocity, quality and effectiveness of organization-wide outcome-oriented decisions and actions, enhancing the top line growth by 10 to 15%.


Companies can now force multiply their organizational performance in real time to monitor, control and improve operations of the retail supply chain and logistics at the micro-level of every purchase, store, buyer, SKU and warehouse.

Finance & Insurance

Improving the financial performance of your company. CFOs will be ideally positioned to steer their resources where they are most required, thereby positively impacting free cash flows by 10 to 15% and offering numerous business benefits in terms of claims, compliance, and productivity.


IT & Shared Services

Large IT organizations have been able to improve Customer Service, Cross- Selling & Revenues through new generation Service Management. They are able to significantly reduce compliance penalties in real-time by the predictive advisory offered by the platform.


Aiding automobile manufacturers to effectively mitigate fraudulent activity, optimize processes by monitoring end-to-end client experience, identify bottlenecks and plug revenue leakage. We have also enhanced operational efficiency by detecting anomalies in prices, invoices and services.


We partner with a carefully selected group of solution and industry experts across the globe. From consulting firms to service integrators, platforms, and business service providers, our partners complement our value and capabilities. Together, we help customers achieve quantum leaps in their business outcomes.

Become an Partner

Build realistic simulations, accelerate AGI-driven outcomes, and rapidly elevate the value you deliver to your customers

Our Partners strongly identify with the game-changing potential of Artificial General Intelligence using our Autonomous Enterprise Technology. Key qualities we seek in potential partners include expertise in specific industry domains, deep trusted customer relationships, the ability to train large teams in implementing our technology, and willingness to invest in’s outcome simulation platform.