Enterprise Digital Nervous System (EDNS)

EDNS is an enterprise AI solution, created with a combination of graph neural networks (GNN) and intelligent AI agents, and designed for mastering the complex ‘rules of enterprise operations’ through deep reinforcement learning. It effectively combines enterprise data with foundational ‘world models’, delivering a complete system that adapts to your enterprise’s unique environment while maintaining complete data privacy.
EDNS is the technological backbone that connects all intelligent AI agents in a cohesive ‘mesh’, orchestrating and simulating decision-making roles across your organization.
It’s engineered to enable informed decision-making, efficient coordination across different business functions and rapid data processing. Not only does it provide real-time recommendations, it senses, simulates and acts based on chess-like moves to augment humans across the organization, delivering quantum leaps in business outcomes even in a dynamic business environment.
How the Enterprise Digital Nervous System Works