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Not All “AI Agents” are Created Equal

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As AI technology and terminology establish roots in enterprises, more and more automation solution providers are adding the word “AI agents” to their legacy solutions architecture, and in most cases, these are “wrapper agents” that leverage results from GenAI/LLM solutions. While useful for information synthesis, and generating insights, these wrapper agents have limited capabilities and cannot adapt to unseen and real-time business situations – they merely rely on GenAI solutions that answer queries based on models from past data. They lack the true intelligence and capability required to plan, anticipate, and adapt to deliver results for an enterprise in a dynamic business situation.

However, not all AI Agents are created equal. When it comes to enterprise strategy, planning, and operations – the need for “Intelligent Decision-Making Agents” emerges rapidly, especially in a changing business environment where past behavior and performance are not a sufficient foundation for creating a future winning strategy. Emerging reinforcement learning (RL) based AI agents fill this gap, these decision-making agents are ideal for building a foundation for the next generation of intelligent enterprise solutions.

These RL-based “Intelligent Decision-Making Agents” possess the capabilities to identify and deliver on crucial business goals by executing the “winning path” in dynamic business situations. They process real-time data, continuously learn from their environment, adapt to changes, and identify the most optimal decisions to create a winning business strategy.

In today’s fast-changing business conditions, relying on the past is not the best foundation for predicting the future. “Intelligent Decision-Making Agents” use RL techniques to identify the optimal path forward based on real-time data versus depending on the past data and model.
As you select your Enterprise AI solutions for business planning and operations to drive potential productivity gains – choose solutions fortified by RL-based intelligent agents They will deliver the goods as you grapple with the dynamic nature of your business.

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Atul Bhatnagar
CEO, ExperienceFlow