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Accelirate and ExperienceFlow form a strategic partnership to deliver on the promise of the ‘Autonomous Enterprise’

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SUNRISE, Fl – November 15, 2023 – Accelirate, the leading AI and automation service provider, announces a partnership with ExperienceFlow, a pioneer in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology.
ExperienceFlow is a leading-edge innovative company that delivers on the promise of ‘intelligent AI agents’ and the ‘Autonomous Enterprise.’ Its proprietary ExperienceFlow ‘Digital Nervous System’ (EDNS) deeply connects to enterprise systems, rapidly adapts to the business, orchestrates, and simulates every decision-making role, providing real-time recommendations and taking action to deliver quantum leaps in outcomes.
While existing automations have been able to eliminate repetitive actions and are restricted to specific silos, the ‘EDNS’ is focused on the last mile of automation, i.e., automating situation-aware practical experience and knowledge associated with each role within the enterprise.
The ExperienceFlow AI agents augment complex human-level actions and deal with real-world uncertainties with greater accuracy and faster reaction times. As such, the ExperienceFlow Digital Nervous System creates a live visual pulse of the business, breaking down automation silos and connecting them across the length and breadth of the enterprise while simultaneously augmenting human judgment and decision-making capabilities.
Partnership with ExperienceFlow will allow Accelirate to leverage the AGI technology to truly transform enterprises into better and faster decision-making organizations, which currently takes many years with the siloed progress on each function. ExperienceFlow is the only simple-to-use “graph” based interface that can rapidly enale the full enterprise. This assists customers in refining the output and the insights that the ExperienceFlow Digital Nervous System delivers in a more seamless, uninterrupted fashion. Organizations are not only able to unlock deliverables at the higher levels in the value chain but are also able to improve planning, control, and decision-making across specific roles to achieve significant outcomes.
This partnership will unlock new avenues for automation within Accelirate customers, according to Ahmed Zaidi, the CEO of Accelirate. He added, “Accelirate’s partnership with ExperienceFlow will offer a dynamic solution to organizations and facilitate a new kind of automation experience that redefines decision-making as we know it. It also offers Generative AI Plus features for rapidly enabling each role in the organization to have a Language Model-based assistant to go beyond just insights and drive collaborative decisions and actions to maximize the outcomes even under real-world probabilistic situations.”
Arjun Iyer, Chief Revenue Officer of ExperienceFlow, added, “We believe partnering with Accelirate to enable our EDNS across global organizations will be a real game changer. Together, we will break stereotypes around Automation and AI and create a new paradigm in how organizations flow. We will essentially invert the traditional approach of having humans at the center of decision-making, aided by automation, to having AI at the center, aided by humans, in an Alpha-Go-like fashion!”
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