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The “Windshield View” AI

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There are many distinct ways of learning and decision-making for organizations. Two of the primary methods of decision-making are:

·       Learn from the past experiences of you and others and develop decisions based on previous outcomes. This process rarely generates massive innovation or differentiation because everyone has access to that same information. It does help in avoiding common pitfalls. But it rarely creates a breakthrough.

·       Formulate decisions on who we are, the priorities we believe in, and the outcomes we seek. To support this, we need another way of learning and decision-making – especially as we face new and dynamic situations – not based solely on what others have done.

As situations arise dynamically, organizations need to decide the course of action based on values, goals, risk-taking ability, and resources at hand. Past experiences are data to consider – not a template for the future. Our decisions are dynamic, and many times end up defining us opening an innovative previously untrodden path and creating a massive new differentiation and breakthrough. In many cases, solutions may require a new path that was never thought of by anyone else before.

These two types of decision-making approaches will co-exist and complement each other and drive strategies and day-to-day planning.

Simply distilling large amounts of data from the past is not enough – it’s Rear-View Mirror AI. Innovative solutions need to be supplemented by dynamic and situation-aware decision-making based on goals, values, and reality. This is how human beings think and act in the moment. They learn from the past, but spontaneity and intuition produce optimal results in the moment of action.

That’s why we are designing Nextgen AI that combines the two approaches in the most effective and innovative manner – leverage the past, and optimize the present. This is the Windshield View AI by ExperienceFlow.AI.

Atul Bhatnagar
CEO, ExperienceFlow