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Our AI solution empowers healthcare organizations to optimize operations, improve performance and productivity by streamlining processes, significantly boost revenue, and reduce costs, all while ensuring safety and reliability.

What We Do

We offer an outcome centric enterprise solution that senses, simulates and acts to augment humans and deliver quantum leaps in business results.

KPI-based Outcomes

Significantly improves key KPIs crucial for revenue growth and patient experience.

Process Improvement

Enhances process efficiency by eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining workflows.

Resource Utilization

Optimizes asset utilization and resource allocation, thereby enhancing productivity.

Real-Time Monitoring

Provides visibility into tracking decisions, actions, and outcomes, enabling course corrections to align with desired goals.

Improved Decision Quality

Automates decision-making and reduces the negative impact of poor decisions caused by data silos and lack of information flow.

Patient Experience

Enhances patient experience through improved turnaround times (TATs) and automation of routine tasks.

How We Do It

Our multi-agent reinforcement learning architecture identifies the winning paths for each enterprise role, to ensure optimal KPI-based outcomes

Plan Agent

Continuously tracks real-time trends of critical tasks affecting cost, revenue, resource utilization, process improvement, and patient experience.

Control Agent

Empowers users with real-time alerts and notifications of pending tasks, process deviations, and exceptions, enabling immediate intervention.

Improve Agent

Automates personalized rewards, manager reviews, and employee training through the use of a statistical engine.

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