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ExperienceFlow.ai is at the forefront of revolutionizing enterprise decision making and operations through our cutting-edge Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology. We are pioneering the creation of the autonomous enterprise, a vision now made reality through our innovations. Our platform is built on a foundation of Graph Neural Networks (GNN) and world data models that seamlessly integrate with your enterprise systems. It’s a transformational technology that senses, simulates and acts to augment humans across the organization delivering quantum leaps in business outcomes. We offer a comprehensive view across organizational silos, enabling you to focus on strategic decisions that effectively increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

With ExperienceFlow.ai, you unlock the full potential of your enterprise.


Words from our Leaders

Our mission is to proactively address micro-level decision-action variations that have compounding impact on financial and customer outcomes, and there by unlocking true potential of every enterprise. Imagine the net positive impact of consistent business peak performance and elimination of wastage on the business, its customers, the society and the environment.
Giri Athuluru
Co-founder & President
AI enables large enterprises to go beyond what is humanly possible with consistent and cohesive decisions and actions at all levels of the organization. ExperienceFlow is converting the art of driving human decision-action-outcome optimization loops into a science powered by AI based Enterprise Digital Nervous System.
Brett Galloway
Executive Chairman
ExperienceFlow truly makes CEOs to drive their vision for financial and customer outcomes and achieve their ultimate potential. This platform revolutionizes how we conduct yearly and quarterly planning and execution of strategic objectives and OKRs/KPIs.

Atul Bhatnagar Joins Enterprise Artificial General Intelligence Start-up ExperienceFlow.AI as CEO
Atul Bhatnagar

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